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Built-in Math Functions in Sage (see Functions Math for defining your own math functions)


Returns the ****  of the argument

abs(x) absolute value
sqrt(x) square root
exp(x)  e^x
log(x) natural logarithm
log(x,10) logarithm base 10
sin(x) sine
cos(x) cosine
tan(x) tangent
asin(x) arcsine
acos(x) arccosine
atan(x) arctangent
cosh(x) hyperbolic cosine
coth(x) hyperbolic cotangent
ceil(x) ceiling
floor(x) floor
int(x) integer part
round(x) rounds to whole number
random() random number in the interval [0, 1)

Reference: Sage_for_Newbies, pp.43 (Ted Kosan)

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